Saturday, 24 January 2015

New Design Release - Australian Pelican

In conjunction with Australian Day celebrations this weekend, I am delighted to release a new design which is symbolic of our Australian outdoor lifestyle.  Whether swimming at the beach or boating or fishing on or near lakes, the Australian Pelican can be a tranquil sight when spotted gliding on the water early in the morning or at dusk but equally as noisy and displaying flamboyant behavioural patterns when in flocks.   When the country experiences monsoonal rains and flooding of salt lakes in arid inland Australia - which coincidentally is happening at the moment - many pelicans will take advantage of these conditions and flock in their thousands to these locations to breed. 

The Australian Pelican is the largest of eight (8) species of pelicans throughout the world which can live to between 10 and 25 years in the wild.  They are found widespread over the continent and are quite capable of travelling long distances for suitable water, food and breeding grounds which can range anywhere from mudflats to beaches and reefs of inland and coastal waters.  Their diet consists mainly of fish but they will also feed on insects and aquatic crustaceans and sometimes work in groups to drive fish to shallower water.  But probably the most unique feature of the Australian Pelican is its pink elongated bill which is considered to be the longest of any living bird.  It is used as a pouch to collect food and water and has a sharp serrated tip on its beak to grip slippery fish before wedging and holding it into the bill and swallowing.

Recently, just after Christmas my family took a short break to the beach at Bribie Island (about an hours drive north or Brisbane) and as we drove over the iconic wooden bridge spanning the mainland to the island, were greeted by these beautiful creatures sitting atop wooden posts acting almost like sentinels and welcoming us.  It inspired me to get out my sketching pad again and put needle and thread to work.

The cross stitch design has 11 colours and is 49w x 37h (89 x 67mm/3.5 x 2.6in) in dimension.  The light sandy ocean effect has been depicted by using double strand pale blue and pale green thread. 

I was very pleased with how this design stitched up and I'm sure it would appeal to anyone who loves the beach or fishing.  It certainly makes me want to visit Bribie Island again.


'Remember day by day, to scatter seeds of kindness as you pass along the way' - Ella Wheeler Wilcox


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