Saturday, 13 April 2013

King Parrot

Let me share with you what greeted me on our back deck this morning - this gorgeous, brightly coloured male King Parrot. 

My daughter and I spied two pairs washing and preening themselves in the rain on a backyard tree and when we went outside to get a closer look, this particular King Parrot flew away only to return to our deck and then turn himself around and shake off the excess water in his wings (which is why he looks all fluffed-up).  It then seemed as though he deliberately remained long enough to 'pose' for this photo before then taking flight and displaying his colourful wings.

We have lived in this area for 25 years and whilst we have daily visits of Rainbow Lorikeets and regular visits of cockatoos, kookaburras and galahs, it has only really been in the last six months that King Parrots have made their way into our garden, even though they are found along the entire Australian eastern coast and inhabit forests and eucalyptus trees .  They make a spectacular sight, not only because of their bright colour, but also because they're quite a large bird growing to an average size of 42 cm (18 in.).  The female King Parrot, whilst the same size, has a greener colouring on her chest and head.  

My design for the  King Parrot stitches up beautifully and uses vibrant, intense shades of colours.  It measures 60 x 96mm (14 count) or 33 x 53 stitches. 

The bookmark design is another favourite and one which can be stitched up quite quickly as a last minute gift for an avid reader.  

What I like about this bookmark design also is the fact that it would be suitable for a male by just using the cardboard backing but a feminine touch could be created by adding tassels, beads or bling.  


'Don't cry because its over ... smile because it happened.'

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