Monday, 1 April 2013

New Release - Rainbow Lorikeet

It seems an appropriate time right now to release this particular new design because we have more than the usual numbers of Rainbow Lorikeets frequenting our backyard and neighbouring gardens at the moment.  This very brightly coloured member of the parrot family feeds on pollen and nectar from native flowers and with our neighbour's yellow Grevillia bush in full bloom and dripping with honey-sweet nectar it has enticed so many of these native birds.  They're quite a social species also and often there can be as many as five or six feeding on the same bush at the same time before flying off together and displaying their colourful wings, so you can imagine how noisy it becomes - but pleasantly so.  Even as I write this, I can hear them squawking  in the trees outside. When the Bottlebrush plant is in bloom in our front yard, we have them visiting also. 

The Rainbow Lorikeet can be found in rainforests and woodland areas in coastal regions across northern and eastern Australia, so it's a bird mostly suited to tropical climates.

My cross stitch design - one of my personal favourites - consists of thirteen colours and was a joy to design because I could use so many bright and distinct colours and the finished product  just seemed to 'jump' off the fabric.  

I wish everyone a safe, happy and relaxing Easter and trust it provides a perfect opportunity for stitching and working on other 'to-do' projects.  


"When life deals you lemons - make lemonade"

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