Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New Design Release - West Australian Seahorse

Western Australia has always been known for its expansive coastline and marine parks, wildflowers, mineral resources and its rugged natural beauty but did you know that it is also the home of a delicate seahorse - aptly named the West Australian Seahorse. This special little fish is only found in this part of the country from Cape Leeuwin to Shark Bay and during summer in its breeding season inhabitats areas such as the Swan River Estuary and Cockburn Sound.


Once again I marvel at nature with this dainty creature which is not only found in a variety of colours of brown, white, red, orange and purple but has the ability to change colour as a form of camouflage in order to escape predators.  Just how great would that be!  As you can imagine growing to a total length of 25cm (and that would be with its long tail completely unfurled) its protected status is under threat not only from other larger marine life but from development and pollution of its habitat. It lives in sheltered reefs and sponge gardens clinging on to sea sponges and seaweed.

For my design of this sweet fellow I was spoiled for choice on which colours to use to portray him but decided on the purple hues to contrast against the blue water, golden sand and green reeds.  Ten (10) colours throughout have been used with four (4) for the seahorse for shading and highlighting and three (3) to blend the sand.  When worked on 14 count aida the design measures 64 x 82mm (2.5 x 3.2in) and uses 35 x 45 stitches.  

Hope your day goes swimmingly!


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