Sunday, 8 November 2015

After The Storm

Serendipity is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  It had been on my mind for a week or so now that I needed to write a new post on my blog and whilst there were topics to speculate on or finished projects that I've worked on to show and share, the right descriptive words just weren't forming. Sometimes I take that as an omen to hold off until a subject presents itself clearly and never has that been so obvious than about half an hour ago ... something that I just had to share with everyone because it excited me so much and not just the topic but the timing. 

You see here in Brisbane we have entered the summer storm season with us experiencing a severe storm last night and yet another one at lunch time today.  I had eaten my lunch on our back deck overlooking a view of gum trees and bushland, picked up some rubbish to take downstairs and place in the bin with full intentions of then going to my workroom/office to write a new blogpost.  As I opened the screen door to take the rubbish to the bin, I was pleasantly greeted by a kookaburra sitting on our clothesline drying himself off after the storm.  So ... as you do ... I carefully retraced my steps, grabbed the camera and in order not to frighten him away, quietly started snapping photos.

This little fellow knew he was on display and in typical form, tilted his/her head from one side to the other for complimentary angle shots.

It was quite a tame kookaburra because I couldn't believe it when I was allowed to walk behind him/her and take this back view without the kookaburra ruffling even one little feather ... mind you the beady eyes were watching me very closely indeed.  And then while I was admiring the colours and size of this awesome iconic Australian bird, he then spotted a tasty bite to eat somewhere on our grass, flew to it, grabbed it in his powerful beak and flew to the nearby garden shed to swallow it in one giant gulp.

The kookaburra is one of my earlier designs (consisting of 13 colours) which can be found on the website - - and for obvious reasons, quite a popular one.  

Although we have regular visits from kookaburras in the area with their reputable laughing call (which some people take to mean a sign of rain), it's not very often one pays us a visit in our backyard and on the clothesline.  Now, just how Aussie is that!!


'Sometimes serendipity is just intention unmasked' - Elizabeth Berg

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