Monday, 23 March 2015

Kirsten's Wedding

It's been a rather exciting time in our family of late and in particular on the weekend just passed.  My daughter Claire had been asked by her very good friend, Kirsten, to be her Maid of Honour at her wedding.  Let me just point out that these two girls have known each other for 25 years since they were 5 and 6 months old when Kirsten's Mum and I began attending the local playgroup.  They became fast friends and continued on life's journey together through Preschool, Primary School, High School and beyond sharing many, many activities, common interests and special times.  

And it was because they spent so much time together with Kirsten coming over to our place for after school playdates, sleepovers and such and likewise Claire going over to her place that they almost became like 'second' daughters in the other's house.  It was for this special reason, that I decided to stitch Kirsten a beautiful memento in the form of an afternoon tea tablecloth that she could have as a keepsake.

Kirsten is an interior designer with an artistic and creative flair so I wanted the chosen design to reflect her personality.  I also wanted a modern and colourful, yet feminine, design and searched through lots of books and magazines until I found one which I was happy with.  After discovering the perfect tablecloth to match her chosen colour theme I then decided on threads of orange, pink and purple variegation and white for the roses and a lovely forest green shade for the ivy leaves and stem.

Because the design was going to be placed in a corner I needed to make a complete corner pattern which involved tracing from the original pattern for one side of the corner and then flipping the tracing paper over to obtain the reversed angle for the other side of the corner.  This new complete pattern was then traced onto each corner.

I experimented with a few different stitches but in the end used stem stitch for the roses and ivy leaves, stems and veins and for the main stem used row upon row of stem stitches which gave a rather beautiful raised and thick textured appearance which actually helped balance out the overall design.  

I wasn't present when the bride opened her gift which had been carefully ironed, folded and wrapped in tissue paper with a Care Instructions card included, but have it on very good authority that she absolutely loved the tablecloth and I'm sure Kirsten was very much aware of the time and effort and love put into such a special gift for such a special occasion.

With the exception of heavy rain falling between when the bridal party left the house to the time they arrived at the ceremony, everything went smoothly and perfectly.  Of course, the bride was absolutely beautiful, serene and calm and the only tears were happy tears.

Congratulations Kirsten and Nick.


'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you've imagined' - Henry David Thoreau

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