Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Royal Garden Visit

My son and I were enjoying morning tea on our back deck this morning when we were pleasantly surprised by the visit of this Sacred Kingfisher which landed on our clothesline.   He, too, was enjoying morning tea - a tasty small garden lizard or such - which didn't stand a chance when wedged tightly between its beak, but the by time I collected my camera (which is always kept close by the back door for instances such as this) it had been swallowed in one almighty gulp. 

The kingfisher did sense that he was on display and politely tilted his head this way and that as if posing for photo opportunities at a royal gala event, even twisting himself around so that his exquisite blue feathers and tail could be captured and admired at their best angle all the while spying us to ensure he was the centre of attention before flitting away.

In Australia there are 10 species of Kingfishers which are divided into three groups - Forest, River and the Kookaburra with the Sacred Kingfisher belonging to the Forest group and one of the smaller varieties and resting on the clothesline gives an idea of just how small this little fellow is.  The Kookaburra is the largest of the groups and we have plenty of visits from them as well, however, a visit from the Sacred Kingfisher is rare and quite exciting.  

Let's hope our royal visitor decides to stop by again soon.


'Smile - it is the ultimate beauty booster for inside and out'.

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